Where do I find the Junior Math work sheet I am looking for???

Where do I find the Junior Math work sheet I am looking for???

Dear parent

I'm going to put the list of all the topics so that you can see under which topic / heading you must go look for it. For example, if you want counting for Grade 3: On the lst you will see that counting falls under the heading "Topic 1: Numbers,..."

Then you go to the green heading "Jnr Math: Pre-Gr.3" / "Gr.3 Topic 1 Number concept development" (click) / Then click on the product you want


Mathematics Topics: Pre-school to Gr. 3

Topic 1: Number concept development

T1.2      Counting forwards and backwards (Includes T1.1 as well)

T1.3      Number symbols and number names

T1.4      Describe, compare and order numbers

T1.5      Place value (only from Gr.1)

T1.6      Problem solving

T1.7      Addition and subtraction [word problems]

T1.8      Repeated addition leading to multiplication [word problems] (only from Gr.1)

T1.9      Grouping and sharing leading to division [word problems]

T1.10    Sharing leading to fractions (only from Gr.2)

T1.11     Money

T1.12    Techniques (methods or strategies) (only from Gr.1)

T1.13    Addition and subtraction [symbols]

T1.14    Repeated addition leading to multiplication [symbols]

             (only from Gr.1)

T1.15    Division (only from Gr.3)

T1.16    Mental Mathematics

T1.17    Fractions (only from Gr.2)

Topic 2: Patterns, functions and Algebra

T2.1    Geometric patterns (i.e. copy and extend patterns)

T2.2     Number patterns (only from Gr.1)

Topic 3: Space and shape

T3.1    Position, orientation and views

T3.2    3-D objects (ball shapes and box shapes)

T3.3    2-D shapes (circles, triangles and squares) (rectangles from Grade 2)

T3.4    Symmetry

Topic 4: Measurement

T4.1    Time

T4.2    Length

T4.3    Mass

T4.4     Volume [Capacity] (only from Gr.1)

T4.5     Perimeter and area (only from Gr.3)

Topic 5: Data Handling

T5.1    Collect and sort objects

T5.2    Represent sorted collection of objects

T5.3    Discuss and report on sorted collection of objects

T5.4    Collect and organise data (only from Gr.1)

T5.5    Represent data (only from Gr.1)

T5.6    Analyse and interpret data (only from Gr.1)

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